Trade mark by Chalets Bayrou

Larch, naturally exceptional

It is a rare essence, typical of the Hautes-Alpes, robust, naturally rot-resistant, perfect for joinery work and cabinet-making, larch is the reference of Chalets Bayrou. Perfect for both interiors and exteriors, it has the audacity of adding its aesthetic sense to its immense structural qualities.

Larch “by Chalets Bayrou” ranges from solid pieces with traditional finishing for exposed framework, to fine untreated slats for sawing for external cladding, to brushed slats for internal cladding, to finely crafted doors, balcony balusters…Chalets Bayrou also use heat-treated larch (natural method) for interior fittings to diversify the shades.

  • Ossature bois
    Architecte :

  • Poteau poutre

Wood frame and Post and Beam

The construction system of Chalets Bayrou is first of all characterised by the wooden frame. It ensures the structure’s stability and allows integrating insulation, thereby optimising the living area and minimising heat bridges.

Second distinctive sign: Post and Beam. This system of exposed framework supports from the ground up to the roof. It uses thick sections and highlights parts carved by hand, beams in solid aged wood…

Based on your personal taste and your project, these two systems work alongside each other in variable proportions, offering the architect exceptional freedom of design.

Love of noble materials and the passion of craftsmen

The love of larch wood does not however restrict Chalets Bayrou to this essence. Many woods may be worked and subtly mingled. Their alliance with other materials of character is also a household specialty in order to make up the harmony you wish for. Such as the Italian stone of Luzerne for exterior walls, fireplace cladding and interior walls. Slate….on the floor. Flagstone on the roof with brown, blue, golden shades. Black, crude and varnished metal for the furniture, a staircase…

On an all-trades construction site, Chalets Bayrou work in partnership with suppliers and craftsmen selected for the incomparable quality of their materials and savoir-faire. Each professional who works alongside the Bayrou team shares its values.

High quality and sustainable development

The requirements of Chalets Bayrou comply with an energetic and environmental approach. Local wood was always an obvious choice. It is the guarantee of the quality of the wood, the steps of felling and sawing.

In order to be at the forefront of technology and wood materials, the company is a partner of specialised networks such as FIBRA and Destination bois. Sustainable preservation of forests is also one of the conditions of the activity. According to client requests, the products may be PEFC and Bois des Alpes certified. In fact, Chalets Bayrou which has been using the PEFC certification for a long time, has received the Bois des Alpes certification.

Beyond the excellent energy performances of wood, Chalets Bayrou comply with the RT 2012 certification and label constructions as BBC-Effinergie and Haute Performance Energétique (High Energy Performance). Now, the perspectives are oriented towards positive energy buildings with the future RT 2020.