The unique stamp of Chalets Bayrou!

What is your current dream? Is it to build a chalet, fit out your kitchen, renovate your ski apartment, or create a spa?
Sharing your project with Chalets Bayrou is synonymous with sharing the love of a job well done using the most precious materials, the requirement of very high standards right to the choice of the craftsmen, including a deep relationship based on trust.

Since 1890, the Bayrou line of Compagnon carpenters and joiners excelled in creating original and tailor-made living environments. Today, in order to accompany you, business partners Anne Bayrou and Guillaume Lebigot have a network of carpenters, joiners, draughtsmen, holding the same values. They are the guarantors of the savoir-faire by Chalets Bayrou.

Chalets by Chalets Bayrou
Wooden houses by Chalets Bayrou
Renovation work by Chalets Bayrou
Decoration/Interior design by Chalets Bayrou
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