They share Chalets Bayrou’s values, aspirations and taste, here is a large number of professional and almost personal contacts


This company is a family business founded in Briançon in June 1995. For 18 years now, Cédric FEURTET and all his collaborators in the same spirit have succeeded in placing the company as a reference in the north of the Haute-Alpes. Our areas of intervention extend from Alpe Huez in Savines-le-lac, we also cater for the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region (PACA) and AUVERGNE RHONE ALPES region upon request.
Our core business is the sale and installation of windows, doors, shutters, portals, garage doors, pergolas, awnings, with more than 50.000 parts installed since our creation.
We work on all types of accommodation, from the standard house, to the house nestled within a valley for a few thousands of years to wooden chalets and architect houses to the most extravagant demands, including on tertiary buildings, shops, hotels, holiday centres.
SARL ER BRIANCON Espace rénovation
✆ + 33 4 92 20 01 94 / ✆ + 33 6 60 25 80 78

Pierre Masclaux

Photographer and illustrator specialised in indoor photography and decorative object photos. He resides in the Hautes-Alpes, shares our values and has been our photographer for a long time.
Tel : 04 92 53 61 59


Chalet Prestige

Does living the moment in a chalet for your holidays sound appealing to you? Chalet Prestige has created an exceptional concept which combines renting high-end chalets in the Serre-Chevalier Valley with tailored services: cook, nurse, ski instructor, vehicle and driver, yoga instructor, beautician, activity organiser…
À la carte services based on your needs thanks to a team that is discreet and responsive.


Concept jardin Monetier

Specialised in mountain gardens, we handle your creations and the upkeep of your green spaces.
Our savoir-faire includes pruning and watering.
We are also dedicated to planting trees, bushes and flowers.
Contact us for your wooden or stone terraces.
We offer you a maintenance contract.
Our clients: private individuals, companies and the public sector.


Atout parquets

We lay and renovate parquet flooring and cover floors.
Give character to your interiors by providing excellence in terms of quality, aesthetics and wellbeing.
Mr. Fantoni will be delighted to share his passion of wood with you. Armed with 20 odd years experience, he examines your projects, advises and guides you to a parquet floor suited to each one of your rooms. You can give him your wildest ideas and he will do the rest.


Joséphine Audebert

Entrust us your outdoors as part of your construction project and showcase your chalet in its mountain environment. Rocks, wood, resinous trees, perennial plants and grass, mountain flora, metal and pebbles make up the palette to choose from. By associating traditional or more contemporary materials to these natural elements, we will conjure up a SETTING to your BAYROU chalet.


Label Métal

Staircases, metal millwork
1 allée du pressoir 74150 Rumilly tel 0686378012


Cantinetta Meal

A menu of typical Abruzzo dishes, pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven in keeping with the great Napolitan tradition, homemade desserts. Let yourself be cradled by the Dolce Vita…
Cantinetta Meal has a wonderful view onto the lake.
This restaurant was renovated by Chalets Bayrou under the management of architect Dominique Léon L&B Architecture Tel (+33 0142780942) and owners
Route d’Ouchy 15,
1095 Lutry Suisse
Tél : 00 41 21 791 14 49



Altiligne is the first brand of contemporary furniture dedicated to the Alpine world. It ambition is to initiate a revival of furniture of regional style in concert with its environment and era.
All Altiligne’s products are designed and made in the French Alps.
A graduate from the European Design Institute of Toulon, for designer Benoit, this comes naturally. He has created a range of furniture dedicated to the Alpine environment.



By©05 the magazine of decor, art of living and culture from near and far. Creators, artists, craftsmen, photographers are present in each issue. A magazine where savoir-faire has pride of place.


Cosy Mountain

Cosy Mountain, the art of living magazine in the mountains


Angélique Buisson

The interior designer is investing in interior design and decor constantly searching for harmony and authenticity to our greatest pleasure.
+ 33(0) 6 10 92 33 94
+ 33(0) 4 50 26 63 71
Pierre Bleue Sarl
1 B Avenue du Léman
74200 Thonon les Bains


Carolo Sculpture

I come from a country of cows, in the mountains.
Cows chew and digest grass several times, this is called rumination. Thanks to this distinctive characteristic, a cow pat is obtained, matter close to paper pulp. It contains cellulose (natural glue found in plants) as well as fibers.
I use this ready-to-use matter. In many countries, it is used for building houses.
After the sculpture is finished, I dry it in an oven so that it becomes dehydrated.
Thus, the matter becomes inert.


Beau & Bien

Founded in 2005, Beau & Bien sculpts lights and exploits the best of innovative LED technology by combining it with materials and traditional French savoir-faire such as Limoges porcelain.


Agence Vendéenne Immobilier Montagne

We have been working for 35 years in Oisans. By our knowledge of the land, we commit to finding you a house, chalet or the apartment of your dreams. We can also find you lands in resorts or in typical villages of Oisans which could accommodate a superb chalet Bayrou!
Please do not hesitate to contact us via our website where a personalised welcome awaits you.
Agence Vendéenne Immobilier Montagne
29 avenue de la République
tel : 04 76 80 21 19 - fax : 04 76 80 08 60
mobile : 06 12 32 18 21


Entreprise JB Bourret

The JB Bourret company in the Hautes-Alpes works with colour, limewash paint, coatings, waxed concrete and deals with heritage restoration.
Jean-Baptiste will guide you as regards your interior to make sure that it is harmonious.
He will give you advice regarding the best colour ranges. More than a colour guide, he is familiar with the material and its final aspect.
What is important to him:
“Pleasing the client as he/she will be living amidst his work!”.
L'entreprise JB BOURRET
Route du grand logis 05230 CHORGES
Tél ou


Les Impératrices

Plastic artists, Clara and her mother Eliane found out they had talent in 2014, the passion of turning a buffalo’s skull into a true object of art. They aggregate many small ordinary objects. Leather, Lego, jewellery, drawing pins, pearls, marble, sockets (22mm)... thus directly plated onto the bone, before being fixed in resin.


Chalet des Tavaillons

A BAYROU chalet for lease.
An authentic chalet made of aged wood, this homely accommodation belongs to an artist painter who has created a charming mountain ambience.
Contact Christaine REYMOND
Tél 04 92 24 78 90
Port 06 77 14 19 67


Maisons & Bois


L'Atelier des Frères

L'Atelier des Frères is your key mediator when dealing with your projects where fabric has pride of place. It should bring true character to your interior: curtains, chairs, wall coverings, staff clothing…
Our business is to accompany you from the manufacture to the choice of fabric down to the setting up, including the tailoring in our workshop. All this with great attention to detail and great taste!
L'Atelier des Frères has considerable experience working with individuals as well as in the hotel sector and boasts the most specialised master weavers and the best editors, L'Atelier des Frères is as much strength of suggestion as it is a manufacturing solution.