Technical feats by Chalets Bayrou

Public procurement is an unknown field, yet a highly specialised domain at Chalets Bayrou. These projects most often pertain to human adventure as well as technical feats. Each creation reinforces the company’s belief that everything is possible and that each and every experience enriches its savoir-faire.

An overview that speaks volumes…

Extreme construction sites

In 1914, at the col du Lautaret (2057 m), Ferdinand Bayrou built the Hôtel de la Compagnie Paris-Lyon-Marseille. In 2016, on the hotel ruins, the Bayrou teams finished the Galerie de l’Alpe, located in the heart of the alpine botanical garden. Part of the building is entirely made of Larch shingles labelled Bois des Alpes (Alpine wood), this was a challenge considering the quantity of wood needed for it. The construction site was a textbook case taken by the Association du Bois des Alpes. In order to meet the deadline, the roofers had to battle with the cold winter temperatures of -30°C.
Higher up: the refuge of Monte-Viso at an altitude of 2650m, in Queyras. Twenty men from Chalets Bayrou took three months to renovate the French Alpine Club. This required about twenty daily heli-loggings for material and equipment!

  • Hôtel de la Compagnie Paris-Lyon-Marseille
    Construit en 1914 par Chalets Bayrou

  • Refuge du Mont viso
    Architecte : Gilles GARRIGOU

  • Galerie de l’alpe
    Architecte : Jérome VOUTIER

Resort essentials

Reorganising the entire snow front in Monetier (Serre Chevalier) highlights the panoramic perspective onto the village, all the while complying with an architectural continuity. All in local Larch wood with a beautiful roofing framework in transverse joints. The gondola lift stations of Ratier (Serre Chevalier) are characterised by the contemporary statement concrete with its roofing framework in transverse joints for the departure and the rounded roofing framework for the arrival. The Pralong mountain restaurant (Serre Chevalier), built at 1500m whereas there was no access, is impressive: 250 places under a monumental pine framework which required 120 m3 of wood! The new reception area of the Orcières resort mountain lift boasts a broad-scope framework with inverted ridge bars, a roof covering in larch shingles combined with zinc edging strips, and a facade in brushed larch.

  • Front de neige Monetier
    Architecte : Philippe MAS

  • Chalet restaurant de pralong
    Architecte : Philippe GAUTHIER

Aquatic achievements

The Parc du Colombier at Saint-Chaffrey (Serre Chevalier) has a surface area of 4 hectares and boasts a biotope lake and a fun landscape. Here, Chalets Bayrou constructed buildings in slatted floor cladding without screws, all in local larch for utter harmony.
A bit further away, for the La Salle-les-Alpes swimming pool located opposite the slopes, Chalets Bayrou created a ceiling in slatted cladding, a stainless steel ornamental lake, set up gigantic bay windows, slatted exterior cladding, and a vegetated roofing framework with transverse joints.

  • Parc du Colombier
    Architecte : Patriache & Co architecte

  • Piscine de la salle les alpes
    Architecte : Gilles Garrigou et Chabannes et Partenaires

Atypical orders

The showroom and conference room of the Orres resort: outstanding terrace on posts and beams, larch shingles roofing framework and zinc transverse joints, interior walls of perforated acoustic boards, oak parquet floors…Exceptional countryside integration.
The Maison du Bois in the Alps of Haute-Provence: a rounded framework with a highly complex structure combining larch and douglas…An achievement awarded at the Salon Européen du Bois (European woodworking fair).
The first incubator of Briançon: cone-shaped architecture, framework and rounded roofs, slatted cladding.
“Abricot” shared lodgings in Briançon: 8 accommodations, a collective entrance in glass to store heat, motorised shutters in accordance with the sun, a collective water heater with wood granules, heat accumulator wall system, solar thermal energy for the water…and local larch.

  • Salle des fêtes des Orres
    Architecte : Pascal BRION & Gilles PERDU

  • Maison du bois de méolan revel
    Architecte : Jérôme VOUTIER

  • Habitat collectif
    Architecte : Jérôme VOUTIER