Decoration, Design, Architecture

The expertise of Chalets Bayrou is always enriched with beautiful collaborations with architects, interior designers and decorators of your own choice. In order to meet the requirements of an increasing demand of its clients, the company also offers all these skills.

Whatever your preference, to have us as an external partner or as 100% accompaniment “by Chalets Bayrou”, your entire satisfaction is our only purpose!



Collaborating with the architects of your choice, some of whom have become trustworthy allies over the years, the Chalets Bayrou design office also organises the vision, philosophy and values of the company for the conception of your project. Technical and administrative steps – building permit, drawings, and plans are all, of course, taken into account. We can make your dreams come true!


Interior design

Work on space, volume, materials, furniture, lighting, finishing touches…you dream up your interior, the architect brings your dream to life, with the joiners of Chalets Bayrou who create furniture and tailor-made finishing, with craftsmen creators and exceptional artists who become partners of your well-being.

Long-term partners of interior designers, Chalets Bayrou can also assist you regarding the arrangement and overall styling of your future project or your current home with their own interior designer.



Want something out of the ordinary, magic, authentic and original? For a project by “Chalets Bayrou” or for your current residence, Anne Bayrou and the company’s interior designer orient you and inspire you with their decorative streak.