Wood houses

To unveil your uniqueness, your wooden house “by Chalets Bayrou” can be invented, its materials harmoniously combined ….

From construction to design, you choose the steps that you wish to entrust to Chalets Bayrou. The accompaniment and craftsmanship offered to you, with the Chalets Bayrou architect or one of your choice, are very attentive to your needs and are highly trustworthy.

Your wooden house is an expression of your way of life, your tastes and the type of landscape of the surrounding environment. Wood framework, post and beam, larch, steel case, zinc, glass, Luzerne stone, renewable energies… All methods and materials offer a wide range of possibilities from which your dream can come to life: cosy house for couples, large family villa, shared collective accommodation…

« A house with a wood framework is also built with the heart…»